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The Goodyear Neolite smooth dress sole. Long Wearing and durable compound with Neolite logo.

Durable outdoor sport sole. Round spikes for traction.

Long wearing for outdoor, work or casual. Includes two color Goodyear logo.

The Goodyear lug sole designed for superior outdoor perfomance. Matching heel available.

Rugged outdoor blocker sole with long wearing compound and traditional lug pattern. Distinctive blue and yellow logo.

Traditional environmentally friendly hiking and trekking sole letting you leave the trails as natural as you found them with your hiking footwear. The rubber skin only allows you to build up the midsole to any lasted upper. Also available assembled with a midsole.

A historic favorite for works shoes and boots, this sole is a tough, durable choice for any workplace environment. Oil resistant.

A solid rubber sole based on the famous Goodyear tire tread, this sole is perfect for casual shoes. Traction and nonslip are proven aquatred characterisitics.

Thin and durable, this solid rubber skin is meant to be used where traction on the rocks and in the water is needed. For sports and fishing in streams or at the beach.

This is an updated lug sole based on a new Goodyear tire called the MT/R. Aggressive lugs give added grip with a fresh new look and highly durable compound.

Based on the famous Goodyear Wrangler tire series, this tread is designed for outdoor grip and aggressive cosmetics. Like the 4 x 4 truck, this sole offers great traction and is a dependable tough bottom. OIL RESISTANT.

Solid rubber with a fine lug patern for dress profiles. This sole is perfect for mens casual and dress shoes where a lighter lug pattern is needed.

A variation of the famous Goodyear water tire, this version is in a solid rubber LUG compound.

This thin skin full sole is made from a combination of our most slip resistant compounds.

This is the rubber skin only version of the Arcadia full sole. Steel toe seat.

Dubbed the "Chevron sole", this traditional work sole has been an orginal Goodyear design for decades. It still stands for quality, function, durability and character for the best work and duty shoes. OIL RESISTANT. Matching heel style 462-0653.

Made from our most oil resistant compound, this is a non slip sole for work or outdoor use.

Goodyear Commando full sole, S862 Compound, Size 10/12/14

Unique tire design suitable for athletic or orthopedic build-up applications. Highly abrasion resistant compound derived from the orginal Indy 500.

Classic design boat sole with genuine sipping for ultimate traction and performance.

All new TripleTred is a solid rubber outsole built for maximum performance in various applications. Oil Resistant.

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